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Crew supply services

Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. offers Crew Supply Services to Ship Owners and Managers who are in wants of Seamen. We welcome new partners and are ready to co-operate with you as well.

We understand that the recruitment of well-qualified Seafarers is of vital importance to efficient and safe shipping and needs of Ship Owners. Libra Maritime Agency Ltd., Moscow, can supply fully qualified Russian crews or Seafarers of all ranks, from Master to Steward, as and when required by Owners. We have highly skilled seamen in our files who have been educated, trained and received certificates and licenses in accordance with STCW-78/95, SOLAS and other International Conventions and have good experience to work as per ISM Code in international and multi-cultural crews on various types of vessels.

We use English Language Test to asses prospective crews of all ranks and before assigning to work they are obligatory tested in compliance with medical requirements and for drugs and alcohol. As the Crewing Company we are able to perform all customary management functions related to crewing. We will ensure that the vessel is manned with qualified and well-trained Officers and Ratings according to the Owners wishes and requirements. We attend to all crew related matters, such as recruitment and selection, long term planning and pool arrangements, training and education, safety courses and mustering for Officers and Ratings, travel arrangements, etc.

With safety a priority on all our vessels, our crews are carefully selected to meet the particular requirements of certain vessels. One of our priorities is to create company's Seafarers for each particular Owner we are working for and then Owners will have their own people, who identify them selves as a part of the Owners organization and know the particular requirements of the Owners.

Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. is ready to co-operate with you and have pleasure to offer our crewing services of any of your requirements at reasonable and suitable cost as well as we can operate as your agent in Moscow.

We believe that our Agency can be really your dependable partner in maritime crewing.


Libra Maritime Agency Ltd., 2000

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