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Freight department

Welcome to our Freight Department involved in Worldwide brokerage of ships and cargoes. If you are in needs of a vessel for maritime transportation of your goods or looking for cargoes for your ships, please apply to Libra Maritime Agency Freight Department and we will help you!

We have hundreds of recent offers and requirements in the Libra Maritime Agency internal database and our brokers can assist you to choose the bests one for you profitable business.

Our experience covers all areas of maritime chartering. The brokers of the Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. have direct contacts with many Ship Owners, Operators, Managers and Charterers in Russia and abroad. We have deal with shipments of various kind of cargoes including timber products, metals, chemicals, project cargoes and frozen goods as well as oil products, bulk cargoes and many others. Our highly trained and qualified staff will provide you with the personalized service and they will find solution to your particular needs.

We accept all requirements (ship or cargoes, public or confidential...) from everyone. Please send them to our brokers or other contact numbers indicating your contact details and our staff will contact you directly.

We are ready to work for you as your ship/cargo brokers and welcome you for mutually beneficial co-operation.


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