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Maritime crewing

Maritime Crewing is the essential part of our business. Today we have in our files and internal database (not accessible from the web) plenty of Seamen of various ranks, including Officers and Ratings as well as Masters and Chief Engineer Officers. The our files and the database are constantly replenished and renewed as every day Seamen looking for a work apply to us for a job and other from our Seafarers are assigned to work and join vessels. All new applicants obligatory must have high qualifications and English language knowledge, good experience to work in multi-cultural crews and be in possession all valid Certificates in accordance with SOLAS, STCW-78/95 and other International Standards as well as they are tested for drug and alcohol. We highly appreciate our business relations with our partners and supply their vessels with the best our Seafarers only.

Owing to the fact that Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. is situated in Moscow, we are able to supply Owner's vessels with Seamen any time and send our Officer and Ratings to any part of the World very fast as Moscow has a very good transport links with other Countries, Capitals and Ports. That is why this is a very convenient and profitable way for Ship Owners to take our crews for their fleets.

Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. is interested in expansion and development of our links with Ship Owners, Operators or Managers. So, if your Company is in needs of high educated and skilled Russian seamen of any ranks, we are ready to co-operate with you and select Seafarers as per your requirements and requests. For more information, please enter here (Crew Supply Services) or send e-mail with your requests directly to our Crewing Department.

The "Maritime Job" page is useful for Seamen looking for a job. You can find here some information regarding to employment through Libra Maritime Agency Ltd.


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