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Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. is a company established in Moscow and offering services for Ship Owners, Managers Operators and other Companies involved in the maritime industry.

This company is formed by a group of people with backgrounds in the maritime business and headed by the Capt. Alexey M. Maziya who has experience in work at sea for over twenty years.

Our close ties with the Russian maritime community as well as with International market with expert knowledge of the needs of Owners and Managers allow us to appreciate our customers' individual needs and provide our clients with the best services. Recognizing the global nature of the maritime shipping we assist our partners in any part of the World to reach the best results in their business as our job is to help our customers and provide them any time with our services as per their needs and requirements.

Libra Maritime Agency Ltd. offer for your kind attention the following our Services:

  • recruitment Seafarers of any rank as per Ship Owners or Managers requests;

  • ship's chartering on Cargo Owners behalf for goods transportation by sea as well as cargo booking on Ship Owners behalf;

  • ship's sale and purchase brooking.

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Libra Maritime Agency Ltd.,

11 Ordzhonikidze St.,
Moscow, 115419, Russia.

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